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Volunteer Staff

The needed Staff Positions to become a Nonprofit

As of right now, the state of Tennessee requires 3 people to become a Nonprofit.  

There has to be a President, Secretary, and Treasurer but those are just state titles.

The goal is to work with Start Church and they will assist in helping to get everything done and with bookkeeping. 

The Treasurer is responsible for all things Financial and will be a board member to meet once a month or as needed as we agree upon. 

The secretary / Administration will oversee all State documents and record Board meeting minutes and will be a Board member.

The Board of Directors will be under Full Oversight of God.

It is possible some Board of Directors Men will later become Elders of Local Church once started. 

I'm not fully sure of all the Structing but that will come after things get started.

Let’s Work Together For The Kingdom Of God.

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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