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I am a Follower of Jesus & a Disciple of the Kingdom of God !!!!!!!

My name is Tony A. Laycock Jr. 

I want to take this opportunity to give a little bit about who I am more than anything !!! 

I am an Imperfect person who is devoted to Jesus.

I'm not going to say I'm Baptist or any part of what I call Church brandings.

My whole Theory is based on the Kingdom of God and not what Brand of Church you go to. 

Am I perfect?; No! 

I simply want to learn and Strive to be like Jesus and be devoted to how he wants us to be.

It is my Vision and Heart to start this Ministry and later start a Church when the time comes.

Join me on my Journey as I work towards building up this Ministry. 

I would absolutely love to connect with all of my social connections.


Currently, I have a Facebook page but I'm working on getting a YouTube channel set up as well as a podcast for when you are traveling.

Please feel free to follow, like, and share.

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My Real Story

Well, my journey sure has ups and downs and I'm blessed to be here today. 
Where to start?

I grew up in a single-parent home with just my mom brother and sisters. We always moved around due to struggles and my mom struggled to care for us but she did. My mom and I started going to a small church in Terre Haute, IN when I was very young and I started to sing on stage with the other children which was really my first encounter with God.
Later we moved to Millington, TN where a home church was and we were a part of it for a while I learned more about God but I still was a wild child so to speak as others described me. 

Then after a while, we moved to Finger, TN to be a part of another home church where I learned so much about God and life but I was still at times a boy who went around doing what others did to try and fit in. 
Then we moved as a home church to Selmer, TN, and became known as Rose Creek Village where I became more involved in serving God and learning to become a man. 

However, at this point in my life things started happening surrounding my little brother and it caused me to spin out of control I started to not care about anything and started to do my own things and I didn't care what anyone said. I hated Authority.

I ended up involved in an incident with a gun and my dad died I was charged with Reckless Homicide and that caused me to hate and despise that I was ever born. I would always be in fights because I wanted people to hurt me for what happened and I couldn't forgive myself. 
I have lived in and out of Homeless shelters, slept in parks, etc.

At this point, I met a woman whom I got to know and moved in with, and was with her for 8 years in Terre Haute, IN. However 1 day I met a guy whom I thought was good and ended up using me but at the time I didn't see it until too late.  He made false checks on my computer then 3 weeks later called child services on my ex-girlfriend about this and that didn't work. Well her children got taken and was told she wouldn't get them back until the house was approved. 
Well, he came to me saying how I could get money to get everything fixed so she could get her child back. 
I said No I'm not going to do it. However, at this point, I learned that in a way he entrapped me and I knew I had to do something. So I cashed checks and fixed everything but at the cost of my freedom as I was arrested and she was able to get her children back.

So I got my GED in prison and I knew I had to change so I became more focused on turning my life around and I remained single to this day which it's been around 10 years I believe. 

2011 was my true turning point when I was working for Rose Creek Farms in Selmer, TN which is located in Rose Creek Village. 

In 2013 I got a job working at YDI (Clearbags) in Selmer, TN and it has changed my life in a lot of ways and opened my eyes.
In 2018 I felt I should do Truck driving and see our Country and have been in Trucking ever since. 

My point is I have endured being bullied, I became a Bully to the Bullies, Homeless, been shot at, nearly stabbed a few times, been around gangs and brotherhoods, etc.

Why am I saying all of this and what will people think of me? Will people judge me for my past?

Will people condemn me and say I shouldn't be a Pastor or start a Ministry?
Well, I have thought about that, Let me say that it's my past that helped guide and direct me to where I am today. I am strongly in God today and feel I can help others based on my experiences to change into a person dedicated to our Almighty God. 
Without God I'm nothing but being a Child of God is everything.

Am I afraid people will judge me, No I'm not. I am a Child of God and will follow him no matter what happens to me on this earth as a Follower of Christ.  How the world views me is of no concern to me but only to Jesus Christ. 

Yea, I had a bad past but God used everything I was going through and changed me into a man Dedicated to serving him for life.

Let me be judged
Let me rejected
Let me suffer for his sake
Let me die for his sake
I'm an open book as there is nothing I won't say because being Honest is everything!!

I won't lie just so others might approve of me or think better of me.
I can’t survive outside His Spirit and it is my Goal to do full-time Ministry. 

Let God be Praised and our works express the power of God !!!!!

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