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Jesus Saves

Programs we will focus on.

Programs that are listed is currently only to show what I'm interested in doing since this will be a start up Christian Ministry that is Dedicated to the Kingdom of God. 

Toned Photo of Jailed Young Man behind bars in a Cell.jpg

Working with Trouble Youth.

There are so many Troubled Youth and it is my major Goal to help them to realize how important it is to change.


Setting up Speaking Engagements anywhere able to.

Anytime I can speak about Jesus and travel to speak to anyone interested in hearing from me.

Man in prison.jpg

Helping men in prison.

I personally know how jail and prison is so it is a focus to help men see they need a change to they aren't or become repeat offenders.

Meeting Room Business

Setting up meetings to discuss how we as Followers of Jesus can better serve our Communities.

Anytime I can arrange a time for anyone interested to join and speak about being real Christians and our Communities.

Image by Rod Long

Proclaiming Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

It will be a Focus to proclaim the Kingdom of God in anyway that I can.

Promoting Unity of Followers of Jesus.

Promoting life as a Follower of Jesus.

Standing against what is not for the Kingdom of God.

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